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Brands of Ingredients

Tip of the Day:

Be careful of brands when choosing ingredients. While substitutions may not totally alter the resulting food… it often does change the taste or consistency. Also types of ingredients matter too.

One particular example jumps to mind… many recipes now use “margarine” as an ingredient. This can mean either stick margarine or soft… each will have a different resulting consistency. Brand differences will produce different flavors also.

Store brands, I have found, to be hit and miss with quality. I recently tried my local store brand's whipped cream cheese (I happen to still have a heart of a 8 year old… I love cream cheese and jelly sandwiches)… this cream cheese just doesn’t have the same flavor as Philadelphia.

If a recipe calls for a bouillon cube… substituting broth will give it a different flavor….and the list goes on and on.
These are just a few examples… but I’m sure you could think of more…



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