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Commentary: Frittatas

If you haven’t tried these wonderful creations and you like omelets, you will love Frittatas.

I had my first Frittata years ago in a Department Store restaurant… hmmm that shows how many years ago it was… not many, if any, Department Stores at all have restaurants these days… it was very popular in the Sixties and Seventies…even the early Eighties… but they have become all but extinct nowadays.

I actually have some wonderful recipes from a variety of those Department Store restaurants… the days of the Ladies Lunch…seems to be a dying art… which is too bad… they were wonderful.

What are Frittatas

Frittatas are made with beaten eggs and a variety of ingredients. The ingredient combinations you use to make omelets would be the same in a frittata. True frittatas are made in heavy skillets and started on top of the stove and finished in an oven. You actually can skip starting them on the stove and put them directly into the oven, which makes them perfect for entertaining. They are easy to assemble and pop them in the oven and it frees you up to do whatever else you have to do.

Deciding on the Baking Dish

You can make frittatas in a variety of baking dishes. My favorite is using a quiche dish or pretty pie plate… you cut them in wedges and allow your quests to help themselves to a wedge. Just like a pie, the first piece always seems to be a pain to get out, but all the rest are a breeze.

Depending on the number of guests you have, will depend on how you may want to bake these. You can easily get 8 pie-size wedges from the quiche dish and pie plate…and most ovens can handle at least two of them, so 16 wedges are easily made in one baking. You make get more in the oven at once, which would probably be ideal.

Another option is cutting the wedges half the size of the normal pie-size wedge. If you are serving a lot of other foods, this is a very viable alternative.

You could us a 9 x 13 baking pan and increasing the ingredients, but be aware this will probably double the baking time. This will make cutting the Frittata in square pieces easier, and it would also be easier to cut smaller pieces.

Allow time for the Frittatas to set before attempting to cut them, about 5-7 minutes.



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